Saturday, March 7, 2015

America; an Interrupted History. Part I

In comparison to the long history of some civilizations, the United States may be in its late teen-age or early adult years. Whether we progress into a healthy and mature adult stage or devolve into a failed state might well depend on the outcome of the elections in 2016. At this point, given the mental and emotional state of the majority of the American voting public, where it is more profitable for many to be on the dole than working even for minimum wage, where a decades long Progressive educational system has deteriorated the reasoning capabilities of many and where unthinking allegiance to a cult leader has become the norm, it does not seem overly pessimistic to foresee three possible futures.

 A Socialist Dictatorship

 “Democracy is the road to socialism,”
Karl Marx

The burden of debt begins to exceed the ability of the government to pay debt service leading to more and more cuts in essential services such as the military and health care. The expenditures needed to support the majority on the dole grow astronomically. As the Federal Reserve resorts more and more to  “quantitative easing,” a technical term that attempts to sugarcoat increasing the amount of the money supply, inflation increases with each dollar worth less and less. This is exactly what happened in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. By the middle of 1921 the German exchange rate, which had fallen from 4.2 Marks per U.S. dollar to 60 Marks per dollar, began to collapse as inflation set in. By November 1921, the rate was 330 Marks to a U.S. dollar, or one-third of penny in U.S. money. To comply with the demands for payments on the First World War debt, Germany resorted to printing money to buy foreign currencies and used this in turn to pay the reparations demanded by the Treaty of Versailles.
By 1922, Germany was experiencing hyperinflation and the Mark became essentially worthless. Five Mark notes became 50 Million Mark notes. Instead of printing new paper currency, Germany simply used the old molds and imprinted higher and higher values. A 1,000 Mark note with an overlay became 500,000 Marks. The same thing happened to postage stamps. A 200 Mark stamp turned into an 800 thousand Mark stamp with a simple overprint. Finally, people used wheelbarrows to carry enough nearly worthless money to the store, and used Marks as wallpaper.
 As the situation in America worsens and such things as food riots become common, the leaders institute firmer governmental controls, including detention camps for the relatively few places where a free people still resists. Finally, it becomes necessary to ignore the elected people’s representatives, suspend elections, disband Congress and run the country under a central Leader in Washington. At first promoted as a temporary emergency measure this ends in a true, permanent dictatorship. By this time, the populace will be so brainwashed and dependent upon the public dole no revolution is possible. The model of Nazi Germany is there for all who have the wit to see it.
The end of the grand experiment in a free society has arrived.

Next: Part II—An Islamic Caliphate

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