Friday, August 19, 2016

The Lemming Society

Once upon a time, in a dimly remembered snippet from a science-fiction story the following anecdote stuck in my memory. As the legend goes, Man has discovered how to communicate with lemmings. At the time of a lemming mass suicide (where millions decide to march over a cliff and drown in the sea) a human representative temporarily stops one of the lemmings as it approaches its death and says, “We humans have never understood why lemmings suddenly decide to kill themselves.” The lemming replies, “That’s funny, we lemmings have never understood why humans don’t.”

As it turns out, despite the popular belief in periodic lemming mass suicide, this is an invention, originating at some unknown time in the past. It was mentioned in a 1951 short story by Cyril M. Kornbluth. A 1953 American Mercury article inspired an episode of the Uncle Scrooge adventure comic in which huge numbers of Norwegian lemmings are shown jumping over cliffs.

The lemming mass suicide myth became pervasive in societal memory with the 1958 release of a Walt Disney documentary titled White Wilderness.  “According to a 1983 investigation by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producer Brian Vallee, the lemming scenes were faked. The lemmings supposedly committing mass suicide by leaping into the ocean were actually thrown off a cliff by the Disney filmmakers. The epic ‘lemming migration’ was staged using careful editing, tight camera angles and a few dozen lemmings running on snow covered Lazy-Susan style turntable.” As a Wikipedia article notes, “lemming suicide" is a frequently used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences.”

What better term than this to describe the behavior of present day American society—and indeed most of European and U.K. society today? The examples of this irrational behavior pour in daily through countless blogs and reports of new thought control efforts. See for example a few of today’s gems: Princeton University’s banishment of the word man, the Charlotte, NC school district who advises teachers “to stop calling the children ‘boys and girls,’ according to a training presentation on transgender issues” or the University of Houston student who was punished by a 50-day suspense for saying “All Lives Matter” on a Facebook page. If you are masochistic enough to stand daily reminders of the country’s descent into madness, subscribe to Todd Starnes AmericanDispatch or tune into some of the intelligent conservative talk radio shows. (See below for a few source lists of radio shows and Web sites.)

 The Left’s demented obsession with self-destructive behavior is manifested most notably in an increasingly insane pre-occupation with political correctness run rampant. Combine this with a majority of the voting public being part of the “low-information voter” class. Throw into the mix the billionaires like George Soros, whose funding tentacles extend through Progressive agenda, pushing globalism and dangerous ventures such as unrestrained immigrations. It all leads to only one rational conclusion. The West has, perhaps unknowingly chosen a path of societal suicide akin to the mythological lemming suicides.

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